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Suzanne Gerber

Suzanne Gerber

From as far back as I can remember, my passions have been people and healing. I’ve read thousands of astrology charts over the past several decades, which has given me the ability to understand what people are experiencing and to connect with them on a deep, personal level. While I am always using very technical classical techniques, I’ve honed my intuition, and people tell me it feels like I’m channeling the information. But it’s always based on very precise astrological principles.

Astrology was my entry point into life’s mysteries, and my desire has always been to find effective ways of helping people heal. I’ve been blessed to have incredible master teachers, gurus and healers on five continents throughout my own journey, and they’ve given me tremendous gifts. While continuing to practice and study astrology, I branched out into shamanism, Buddhism, mysticism, consciousness expansion, hypnotherapy and altered states, humanistic psychology and coaching, lucid dreaming, plant medicine, and Reiki. Over the years, I've been guided to blend all these into a uniquely powerful healing modality that’s hard to describe but powerful when experienced.

But with so much earth energy in my chart, I also had a mainstream career, working in the top tiers of magazine publishing in New York City, first in entertainment, then women's service and finally wellness. I was a senior editor at InStyle and Redbook, editor in chief of Vegetarian Times and Pilates Style (two more passions). I wrote a vegetarian restaurant guide—for which Sir Paul McCartney wrote the Foreword. I've interviewed many of my heroes and icons, traveled extensively (India, European outposts, Indonesia and South America being just a few highlights). I’m also a serious scuba diver, but the only diving we’ll do together is in your psyche.

Whatever I do and wherever I go, I always come back to my first love: helping people find—or refine—their purpose, then unravel and overcome their blocks to success, love, creativity and abundance, and create effective strategies for continued happiness and fulfillment. One client called me her "soul tuner," a phrase I cherish.

After many blissful years in Brooklyn, NY, I moved to Florida's Gulf Coast and found my tribe. Today I do in-person and telephonic readings and healing sessions with an extraordinary clientele from around the world. So, how can I help you?