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Inspiration • Clarity • Action

My passion is helping clients gain more insight into all aspects of their lives, the byproduct of which is inspiration and self-love. I’ve been working with astrology as a tool to understand the soul for several decades and have helped thousands of people around the world make the positive changes they crave. The first step is an astrology reading, which can reveal everything, including what’s coming down the pike, which is actually pretty mind-blowing.

Cognitive awareness is important, but it’s only the first step. To make real, lasting changes, you need to get out of your “logical” mind (being stuck here is like chasing your tail) and shift into your energy body, where true healing happens. Then you need to take action!

I am trained in various shamanic healing traditions as well as Reiki. Using the wisdom of the astrology chart and your own quantum energy field—and by calling in our , my lineage and the ascended masters—we locate the blocks that are holding you back, clear them, cut cords, remove other “debris,” and then help you write a new script for the rest of your life. I will support you every step of the way.


Astrologer • Shaman • Reiki Healer

What is your soul dreaming of? If you’re ready to shatter self-limiting beliefs and create the life you’ve always wanted and have always known is your birthright, let me help me take your first—or next—step. Using your astrology chart as our GPS, I will guide you to greater self-understanding and be your sounding board for the changes you are ready to make. Your astrology chart can reveal everything about your life; your job is to figure out what you want to do with that knowledge. Together we’ll journey to your highest, wisest and most authentic self, and I will help you reconnect to your innate power and support you in getting rid of all the baggage you’re tired of carrying around.

My style of astrology reading and healing work is very supportive, grounded and comforting. The shamanic/energetic aspect is interactive—and different for everyone. But I promise I’ll always be a safe, reliable Sherpa guiding you on an inner trek to reignite your dream. I’ll clear the blocks that are holding you back and assist you in creating your own road map to what’s next, and I will support you in taking those exciting steps.


Suzanne Gerber



From the moment man first gazed upward, he began to use the stars to navigate life on earth. Your chart is a reflection of your Soul. What does it have to teach you?




“Meeting Suzanne was no coincidence. I had just experienced a devastating loss in my life and was searching for answers. I was lost and confused. Suzanne helped me see that the answers I was desperately seeking were not outside of me...but inside of me. My natal chart reading gave me an insight and perspective into life I had never experienced before. My work with Suzanne has afforded me the opportunity to grieve and experience loss with an entirely new perspective: To not see life in black-and-white but too see life as such a much more meaningful, relational and introspective experience. My work with Suzanne has opened up doors within my mind and my soul that has led to deeper searching of myself and healing of my soul. Her commitment to helping others achieve self-acceptance has helped me grow the self-care and love for myself that I have been missing for most of my life. Her healing presence and intuition is always right on. She has a loving kindness that offers compassion and empathy toward the process and journey of healing and finding the true self.”

     —Dr. Kimberly Benson, psychotherapist, Sarasota, FL



Shamanism is the oldest spiritual-healing practice on the planet. Practitioners step outside “ordinary reality” into a 5-D world to bring about healing that can feel magical.


Special Events

I am based in Bradenton and Sarasota, Florida, and work with clients in person, over the phone and at shows, fairs, private events and local venues. On most Friday afternoons, I work out of Wild Ginger Apothecary in Gulf Gate (SRQ). But even if you’re on the other side of the globe, that doesn’t limit our work together. Quantum physics has confirmed what the ancients have always known: Energy is everywhere, and with a pure intention (and the knowledge how to direct it), we can affect people’s vibrations by laying hands or them or “beaming” the energy remotely, which Einstein termed “spooky action at a distance.”



Reiki is a universal healing energy that comes from the divine and is channeled through the initiated. It can be transmitted in person or remotely.


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