Astrology & Energy Healing Pricing



Standard hourly rate: $100 USD
90-min reading: $150 USD

I recommend 90 minutes for the first reading because there’s so much information to share. Follow-up readings can be 60 to 90 minutes.

The frst-time reading is an in-depth look at your birth (natal) chart, which reveals your personality, gifts, tendencies, challenges, soul purpose and, truly, an infinite amount of information.

After an initial reading, we can cast your transits—the moving planets in the sky—and analyze how they’re impacting you. Another accurate and insightful predictive tool is the progressed chart, or where are you are in your evolution.

Each year, we can cast your solar return and get an “overlay” of influences that will be in play for the coming 12 months.

One of my favorite astrological tools is comparison charts. These “pull back the curtain” on how and why you mesh with someone (or don’t). Here’s where the “coaching” part of my practice comes in: Once you have a better understanding of the other party, we discuss techniques and strategies you can use to manage the difficult aspects of a relationship (romantic, familial or business) and enhance the positive. This never involves deceit or manipulation!

Shamanic, energy and Reiki sessions: 1 hour, $100 USD

These can be done “à la carte” as you desire. I find the energetic/shamanic sessions are most effective when combined with an astrology reading to help us pinpoint the area of focus and to set clear intentions, which are the foundation for transformational results.

I offer ongoing work to keep you grounded in your goals and to support you along the way.


Packages are a way to save money if you know you want multiple astrology/coaching/healing sessions. They never expire and can be scheduled as close together or far apart as you wish.

Three 90-minute sessions: $420 (prepaid)

One 90-minute session, one 60-minute follow-up and one 30-minute transit update: $275 (prepaid) 

Discounts also available for ongoing, open-ended readings or healing work. 

Gift cards available upon request.


PayPal, Venmo, bank transfer and major credit cards all accepted.