Testimonials from My Clients

“Meeting Suzanne was no coincidence. I had just experienced a devastating loss in my life and was searching for answers. I was lost and confused. Suzanne helped me see that the answers I was desperately seeking were not outside of me...but inside of me. My natal chart reading gave me an insight and perspective into life I had never experienced before. My work with Suzanne has afforded me the opportunity to grieve and experience loss with an entirely new perspective: To not see life in black-and-white but too see life as such a much more meaningful, relational and introspective experience.

My work with Suzanne has opened up doors within my mind and my soul that has led to deeper searching of myself and healing of my soul. Her commitment to helping others achieve self-acceptance has helped me grow the self-care and love for myself that I have been missing for most of my life. Her healing presence and intuition is always right on. She has a loving kindness that offers compassion and empathy toward the process and journey of healing and finding the true self.”

     ~ Dr. Kimberly Benson, psychotherapist, Sarasota, FL

"Suzanne is a true gift with her intuitive astrology! She will blow your mind with the accuracy of her readings while aligning with your wildest dreams and inspiring you to create change. If you're looking for answers or are seeking validation for what you can feel is already happening in your universe, Suzanne will show the way."

~ Nicole Leffler, owner, Wild Ginger Apothecary, Sarasota, FL

"Suzanne is a brilliant and generous astrologer. I’ve had numerous readings with her  and have referred many friends to her for readings (one was even a gift!). She knows how to deliver your chart and its updates cutting through any difficulty with humor and optimism. I studied with her at 'shaman school,' and often her lightning-quick mind was genius!  She uses her intuitive knowledge of healing to give advice and gently forecast the future. I highly recommend her!"

~ Robin Romeo, attorney and shamanic practitioner, Seattle

“My sessions with Suzanne have been profoundly healing—I can literally feel energy moving through my body as she works on me. She is insightful, compassionate and well studied. My relationships with a few key people in my life have shifted positively and permanently as a result of our work together. I also love how she combines her real-world wisdom with ancient rituals and practices. I feel as if I could tell her anything in the sacred and compassionate space she creates.” 

~ "AstroTwin" Tali Edut, Seattle

“I was fortunate enough to have an astrology reading followed by a shamanic healing session with Suzanne. The astrological reading was intense and fast! Suzanne was the real deal with interpreting my chart and mapping out important events both past and future. Amazing! We talked for a bit, and I was impressed with her ability to home in on an old issue that had affected much of my life.

She started my healing session, and I immediately felt a shift take place in the room. I felt surrounded by powerful energy sources that had all conspired to help heal me. There was a palpable sense of kindness, love and power in the room that was moving through Suzanne and flowing in and out of me. Then, of all things, I felt a deep upwelling of forgiveness arise from deep within me. I wasn’t expecting that at all, and then, just like that, I felt like I had unlocked a room that I had defended for years only to find it empty! Admittedly, I had worked with my issue in therapy years ago and thought it was resolved, but this just shifted my whole relationship with it. Wow. I’m glad that I had that session!”

 ~ Dianne A., retired energy/shamanic healer, Brooklyn NY

“While on a magical trip to Tulum, I got to work with Suzanne one-on-one. She guided me so peacefully to a place of awareness and love. Before my reading, I felt extremely heavy, overloaded with guilt and self-doubt. During my healing, it felt as though I was being rocked so gently. My body seemed to fill up with sand from my feet all the way to my head, and then as quickly as it was there, it was gone. When she welcomed me back from this journey, I instantly felt lighter and brighter. I saw my obstacles as blessings, and I was functioning at my highest frequency. This experience was life-changing. I left her with an abundance of self-love, something I can never thank her enough for that!”

~ Juli E., massage therapist and medical astrologer, Long Island

“About 20 years ago I had my first reading from Suzanne, and it's no exaggeration to say it changed my life in profound ways. Here was this total stranger, offering the deepest possible insights into my life—into my pain, my strengths and my challenges. Those insights allowed me to recalibrate, reassess, and start down a life path toward more joy, productivity and fulfillment than I had previously known. She is wise yet playful, rational yet mystic. Suzanne provides 'soul tuning' that I seek out whenever the path forward gets twisty.” 

~ Samantha D., writer/editor, Los Angeles

“Every time I go to Wild Ginger Apothecary, I am so blessed with great people and  readers of all types. But one day I walked in and saw Suzanne's warm smile and felt doubly blessed! I could not resist her confidence, her style and curious look—as if she was thinking, "I would love the opportunity to do this woman's chart!" It took me a couple of months to find the exact time I was born…YES, I was that determined to sit with Suzanne! It was so worth it, and more than I ever expected. Suzanne did my chart, covered it all with me:mind, body, spirit. After Suzanne's reading and her guidance and advice, I would describe myself now as a “lot more excited about my life” kind of person. In my opinion, her motto or tagline should be: "Bring birth date and time to me, so I can guide you where you need to be!"

~ Marcia Morse, Realtor, Sarasota. FL

"I’ve worked with Suzanne in person and by phone, and each and every one of our sessions has been beautifully transformative. We’ve worked through some deep-seated issues, and I have gained such clarity and peace. Suzanne is a master astrologer and a master healer, and I am forever grateful.”

~ Jennifer Newman, Feng Shui consultant, Colorado Springs 

"If you haven’t had a session with Suzanne, you are missing out on an experience that will bring you awareness, insight and healing of yourself. She’s a thoughtful listener and offers not just chart readings but positive energy to help you in your journey through life."

~ M.J., corporate executive, Texas

“The first time Suzanne did my reading, we were virtual strangers, and yet I feel like she 'got me' right away. I think that's a combination of her skill as an astrologer and her openheartedness as a human. Her insight that day was spot-on, and the knowledge that she shared helped me navigate a difficult time in my life. Since then, I've  sought  her  guidance  several  times, and each time,the way she has  presented information—even  when  it's  not  the  most  positive  news—is clear, insightful  and motivating.”

~ Ann A., writer, Lisbon

 “I knew Suzanne’s talents were substantial when she called me, unprompted, the day before I was planning to make an offer to purchase my first home. She happened to glance at my chart and saw the stars aligning for me toward a positive, major life decision.”

~ Bryce K., marketing executive, Los Angeles 

“Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and for allowing me to open it! You have done so much for me while I had my time with you that even my partner said this is the most peaceful she has ever seen me before. Because of you, I feel empowered, peaceful and have let go of all that doesn’t serve me. A-ho!”

~ Nina B., corporate executive, Long Island

“Suzanne is a wonderfully gifted healer. She has a very warm and compassionate presence. About a year ago she did a shamanic healing on me. It was a profound and life-changing experience. I was ready for change. A few weeks after the session, I felt a shift and slowly became open to possibilities I had not been open to before. Thank you, Suzanne.”

~ Joanne R., banker, jeweler and Reiki master, Brooklyn

“Having my astrological chart read by Suzanne was amazing. With much expertise, she passionately described the energetic influences happening in my chart. But beware, as she is like a keen detective bringing the magnifying glass to those conflicted, shadowy areas from all angles. It was most helpful to have her shed light on those difficult aspects in my chart and to learn ways to navigate through them optimally. I will definitely go back for another reading this year.”

~ Antoinette A., shamanic practitioner, NYC

“Working with Suzanne not only provided me with some powerful insights, it was coupled with an amazing chart reading. This combination of healing was profound. Don't hesitate; you need to experience this. She is truly a gift!” 

~ Margaret R., RN, Long Island

“Suzanne is gentle, compassionate and strong. She listens deeply with her whole heart. Her shamanic work combined with her astrology experience makes for a rich source of knowledge and deep healing.”

  ~ Kitty C, writer and facilitator, Asheville, NC

“If you watch her long enough (and I've been paying attention to her for over a decade), you'll figure out that her intuition comes from the rare combination and perfect balance of sharp intellect tempered by the softness of heart and soul. It's not nearly enough that someone knows something; what's critical is that what is known can be explained. Working with Suzanne, you get the full spectrum of consideration, practical application and ongoing support.

Suzanne’s advised me only twice but even with minimal exposure, she's been able to account for my methods and help me fully exploit them. Her help brings clarity about the depth of my mission beyond my own vision for it; if my life is a plane that I've built and can expertly fly, she explains not why or how I fly but what’s between me and the earth and what’s between me and the stratosphere beyond my own trajectory. Without her, I tend to end at the mortal bounds of me and my work, but with her help, I realize that as I achieve my lofty goals, I am infinite.”

~ Rebecca L, movement guru, Santa Fe