New Moon in Gemini

The moon has always captivated human imagination because it’s the brightest and largest object in our night sky. Being so close to the Earth, it affects gravity, tides and inner stirrings. Early man planted crops and created calendars around lunar cycles; women have always known the power of la luna on our bodies and emotions.
As the moon orbits through its almost-30-day cycle, it waxes to fullness, and then wanes until it’s just a sliver before becoming invisible (sound familiar, humans?). Each lunar phase is associated with different energies, but we astrologers tend to focus on the full and new phases because those are activation moments. (And eclipses are full/new moons on steroids—a subject for another blog post.)
Monday, June 3 (6:02 am ET), brings the year’s only new moon in Gemini. All new moons are associated with new beginnings, reinvention and restarts. They’re a time to, like farmers of yore (and contemporary biodynamic ones), plant the seeds of the dreams we want to manifest. They’re a time for release, surrender and envisioning as well as for spiritual renewal. Whatever flared up or got you down last month: You can let it go now and break new ground for a whole new vision of how you want your life to be. And no, that’s not being grandiose or fanciful.
Most humanistic spiritual, religious and philosophical traditions teach us that we can change our lives with vision, willpower and action. But while we can recall our past and map out our future, we can only act in the now.
According to quantum physics, all possibilities exist in the unified field, the invisible force field that surrounds and permeates everything. Each of our 1 billion (or so) neurons has the potential to connect and communicate with 10,000 (or so) other neurons, meaning we have the potential to create 1,000 trillion synaptic connections at any given second. A synaptic connection is a thought, which, when we reinforce it with belief, attention and action, becomes reality. This all happens at a speed that would make Einstein’s head spin. Your brain is basically a computer with a trillion-bits-per-second processor. As comprehensible as that is, it was your very first birthday present.

How appropriate, then, that this new moon is in Gemini, the sign of mental processes, communication and social interaction. This Monday you have the chance for new beginnings around your thoughts, messaging and interpersonal relationships. How do we make profound, lasting change? Like everything, it starts with a desire. What builds momentum is sustained desire and repeated action. Think it, plan it, do it, review it, get feedback on it, revise it, improve it, and keep doing it until it becomes your new normal. Voilà! Change!
But there’s something you need to be aware of: While the Gemini train is a fast and entertaining way to travel, it makes a lot of unscheduled stops and detours. One minute you’re speeding toward Grand Central Terminal; the next thing you know, you’ve gone walkabout. Gemini is a genius at invention, but as a mutable, mercurial air sign (“squirrel!”), it is easily distracted by shiny objects and pretty words.

Gemini energy helps us put our ideas out there, chat up strangers, confide to our journals, call a friend we haven’t talked to in forever, speak up in groups, crack jokes and share our opinions. Gemini also asks us to really ponder our message: Is it positive, is it true, can it help others, does it authentically reflect what’s in our heart?
Once we hone our message and put it out to the world, this new moon invites us to become better at the third “pillar” of communication: being a good listener. This is the hardest part for many of us. Take inventory: Do you welcome feedback, and can you actually hear it without getting defensive? When others are speaking, are you already formulating your response, or can you stay in the now and really hear them? Do you tend to interrupt people, need to one-up them, or are always the hero in the stories you tell? As they say, the best way to be interesting is to be interested.
Over the next two weeks—the “sphere of influence” for this Gemini new moon—reflect on what kind of visionary, creator, communicator and listener you are. What are your strengths, and where could you stand a little improvement? This a powerful time for deep, soulful conversations with the people you care about most. It’s also a great time for an astrological consultation (says me), and more than anything I’d love to help you create your vision of your future and clear the blocks and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
As Frasier Crane used to say, I’m listening.

Suzanne Gerber