Mercury Retrograde, Plus Uranus' Big Move

A big week lies ahead: Are you already feeling it? Today (at 1:18pm ET) our good friend Mercury spins into retrograde motion for the next three weeks. I think by now we can recite this together: Don’t sign contracts, don’t buy electronics, don’t download new software, but do be extra mindful of what you say, write, post, tweet or utter in your sleep. With the messenger planet in unconscious Pisces, that could actually be a thing!
Poor Mercury retrograde only gets bad press when there’s actually a lot of positive aspects to this event that happens three to four times a year. (‘Cause think about it realistically: Life can’t come to a grinding halt for up to 12 weeks every year. That would be like the government shutting down for weeks or months at a time! Oh, wait…)
Mercury is the planet of thinking, communication, expression and local transportation. When it’s retrograde—which is to say when its path along its elliptical around the Sun is wider than the Earth’s and makes it appear to go “backward”—Mercury gives us a rare chance to do all the “re” things we never have time for in our busy lives. From March 5 to 28, we have an opportunity to review recent events, revise plans that aren’t working out so well, reconsider a decision we may have made in haste, reinvent a part of our lives that’s gotten stagnant… Kind of like a “cosmic Sabbath,” except we don’t have to stay home, go to religious services or light candles. Just…reflect!
Wednesday brings the month’s—the year’s!—headline news as the disruptor of the zodiac, wild card Uranus, leaves Aries for good (after eight hectic years) and shifts into Taurus for the next seven years. We had a sneak preview of this last May 15 to November 6, but then it retrograded back into Aries until now. The sign of the methodical, cautious, steady Bull is an awkward placement for speedy and impulsive Uranus, so expect some speed bumps between now and 2026. Uranus tends to catalyze the changes we know deep down would be good for us but are too painful, inconvenient or scary to do ourselves. And yet, what we don’t initiate or face up to comes back to us as “fate.”
This has been a major theme in so many of the readings I’ve done lately. People are half-fearful, half-fired up about what they sense is coming. Thanks to his rep as an unpredictable transformer, it’s hard to say what Uranus will spark in your life, but one thing you can bank on is that when he hits any planet, major “point” or house cusp in your chart, you will feel it! Wherever 0º Taurus is in your chart, that’s your first clue. Knowing what’s coming can help you prepare for it and, if you’re trying to live a woke life, get ahead of “fate” and use this powerful alchemical energy to manifest your highest desires. That is the whole point of understanding your chart and transits (how the planets in the sky affect your birth chart). They don’t cause anything; they’re symbols that accurately reflect…everything!
We’ve also got a Pisces new moon on Wednesday, which is a perfect time to let go of anything you’re grasping and try to align with your soul’s purpose. New moons bring beginnings and fresh starts, and depending on where this one lands in your chart, you can truly release whatever’s been holding you back and embrace something new and thrilling. And with Uranus at the wheel, there’s no limit to what you might call in!
Speaking of change, I’ve got some news. I revamped my website to reflect the new Uranus-in-Taurus me. The old URL will redirect there (any day now; thanks, slowed-down Mercury), but from here on in, use this one, Let me know what you think!
As a heads-up, I’ll be taking most of April off from private readings, so if you simply need to know what’s going on before then, let’s talk soon! I’m back in the hotseat April 29, just in time for Taurus season in earnest.

Suzanne Gerber