Whoa! Uranus enters Taurus...


Dear Astro Friends and Embracers of Transformation,
Actually, I’m taking a bit of a liberty with that salutation. Many of us, even those of us who profess to welcome change, live in utter dread of it. Well, we welcome certain changes: If we’re not happy with our jobs or income, or our partner or of not having a partner, or some aspect of our home or appearance, then we can’t wait for things to change. But when we’re content with the status quo, we like the prospect of change about as much as that of eating glass.
Have you already guessed what this newsletter is going to be about? If you follow astrology, specifically planetary movement, you may know that Tuesday, May 15, brought a big-deal transit: Uranus, the planet of … (need a clue? Think “1776”) revolutionary shifts, itself changed signs, leaving Aries, where it had been since June 2010, and entering Taurus, where it will stay until April 2026. Wherever 0º Taurus lands in your chart (which you can cast for free at Astro.com) is where the most radical, exciting, terrifying transformations are likely to take place.
Uranus isn’t at its metamorphic best in the sign of the steadfast Bull, but it’s precisely in our stubborn clinging that we discover the greatest need to mix things up. Another way to say “happily ensconced” is “stuck.” Here’s a great question to ponder on your next commute or over cocktails with philosophically minded friends: What is it about change that we fear so much? Or the question I really want to ask you: What is it about change that you fear so much?
Hey, I have a Taurus ascendant and South Node (ie, the baggage I came in with), so I know a little about stuckness. But I also learned long ago the uselessness of resisting a tsunami. (Kind of literally. NYC’s worst-ever residential water-main break made my newly purchased apartment its bulls-eye target.) Recently—over a jaunty two-week period—I had to replace my computer, monitor, external hard drive, cell phone and car. I nearly lost my sweet old cat in the same month. Didn’t relish any of that, but I took a whole lotta deep cleansing breaths and powered through. And in between reading manuals, speed-dialing Apple Care, rebooting and re-entering passwords and preferences, I reflected on what the teachings of all this might be.
True, this was just before Uranus changed signs, but the January 31 lunar eclipse landed exactly on my natal Uranus (which also rules technology), so I figured it would bring something. But like Monty Python used to say, No one expects the Spanish Inquisition.
We’ll get a short reprieve from all this Uranian hoo-ha from November 6 to March 6, 2019, when it retrogrades back into Aries for a last hurrah, but then, you might as well brace yourself. In fact, do it one better. Over the coming 9 months, gestate your own creative, transformative brainchild. Don’t just focus on what you want to shift but what you know in your heart of hearts needs to shift to bump you up to your next level. Dare yourself to truly invite the change, and keep your eyes open. ‘Cause when it comes—and trust me, it will—you want to be ready, willing and able to surf that tsunami.

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Transmutedly yours,

Suzanne Gerber