What's *your* big dream?

dream catcher

Dear Fellow Dreamer,
Today we honor the memory of a freedom fighter who taught us that we can achieve our highest dreams through determination, collaboration and peaceful resistance. It’s a day we reflect on both the macro level—the legacy of Dr. King’s dream—and the micro, or personal level, which is what I wanted to talk to you about today.
Our dreams—or goals, prayers, aspirations, whatever you call them—are what keep pulling us along in life, hopefully onward and upward! But it’s easy to get caught in a web of negativity, pessimism or despair. That’s when we need to dig our heels in even deeper. When we lose faith or hope, we need to reconnect to our vision and reach out to our support network. Because when we’re having a “dark night of the soul,” they’re the ones who will remind us of the importance of our dreams, our personal worth, and the necessity to, as Churchill put it, never, never, never give up.
As we head into another eclipse season, change is afoot. On Wednesday, January 31, a very powerful event will occur in the heavens: a full supermoon lunar eclipse, at 11º Leo 37. Depending on where it falls in your chart, this eclipse’s effect will be somewhere between “mild” and “whoa.” (If you don’t know your chart, you can cast it for free at astro.com.)
All full moons signal completion or a turning point. They can also bring big news or surprises, or shine a light on something that’s been hidden or unclear. Lunar eclipses are supercharged full moons, and supermoons are all that and more. (“Supermoon” refers to a new or full moon that’s at the closest-to-Earth point in its orbit. But because of that proximity, many feel we experience its influence more intensely.)
This Leo full moon falls at the midpoint of the two-year cycle of Leo/Aquarius eclipses, which happens only every 19 years. (If those signs are significant in your chart, this cycle will affect you strongly.) Leo is associated with creativity, passion, humor,


generosity, children, play and, most important to me, self-love. Can some Leos be a little too “proud”? Sure. But they have a valuable lesson to teach the rest of the signs, and that’s how to love yourself and take pride in your accomplishments. In our culture, that can be tremendously challenging for some—okay, many—okay, most of us.

During this eclipse cycle, I invite you to reflect on your obstacles to self-love and to imagine, in a private moment, how differently you’d feel and act if you were coming from a place of self-love. Leo is also the sign of actors and performers. So here’s a little social experiment you can practice over the coming few weeks: If you’re not truly feeling the self-love, could you “fake it till you make it?” I dare you.
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Yours in dreamtime,

Suzanne Gerber