What a Week This One Promises to Be!

Dear Fellow Finger-Crossing Nail-Biters,
Holy shiitake mushroom! This week’s astrological forecast is nothing short of mind-blowing! Four major planetary moves are afoot, and all are exerting cosmic influence on the week’s events. Did I hear something about an election…?
Monday kicks things off with a modest yet scene-setting harmonious trine between the Sun in transformative Scorpio and antennae-like Neptune in compassionate Pisces. (Pay attention to the adjectives.) This sensitizes us even more to situations that are no longer tenable or acceptable and puts us inescapably in touch with our deepest feelings and highest values.
And while I’m all for feelings and espoused values, action’s where it’s at—right, activists?! So I offer you Tuesday, aka the tip-off to the changing of the guard. How cosmically perfect is it that Uranus, the planet of paradigm shifts and wisdom, which has been retrograde since August 7, is reversing out of Taurus and back into trailblazing, freedom-seeking Aries for the last two months of its 21st-century cycle! This is a second chance to get it right. Uranus was in Aries for much of the Obama era, which brought a new (or let’s say revived) approach to true democracy and that quaint concept of “freedom for all.” And by “all,” our founding architects didn’t mean millionaires and billionaires and assorted BS artists.
This tiny window is a chance to undo mistakes now that we have visceral awareness of the consequences. Aries is a wonderful role model for saying, “Okay, screwed that up. Now let’s give it another go.” The message—and I don’t think it’s a stretch—is VOTE! And don’t stop there. These next two years are going to be critical if we’re really going to turn this battleship around.
That same day, the karmic nodes of the moon shift signs for the first time in 19 months, always significant because they’re the force behind the powerful biannual eclipses. (More on that another time.) Suffice it to say that the north node, which indicates our karmic mission, is moving out of Leo and into Cancer (yes, the nodes move “backward”). The lower vibration of Leo is self-interest whereas Cancer, the “mother of the zodiac,” is all about unconditional love. Hmm, is that a major sea change I’m smelling?
Wednesday brings us the year’s only new moon in cathartic, alchemical Scorpio. Talk about deep! New moons are about fresh starts and new beginnings. Scorpio energy is associated with many things, but what I’m feeling most is rebirth. Scorpio is the only sign with three totems: the snake (manipulative or healing), the eagle (high vision) and the phoenix. Can we rise up out of these smoldering ashes of democracy, please?!
And the headline news: On Thursday, for the first time in more than 12 years, boundlessly optimistic and auspicious Jupiter returns to “home turf,” high-minded, open-minded, egalitarian Sagittarius. This is the amen we’ve been waiting for!

Sagittarius (and Jupiter and their coworking space, the archetypal ninth house) is all about collective efforts and systems; think law, politics, philosophy, religion and global initiatives. It “rules” travel, higher education, expanded thinking, freedom for all (not just those who can afford to buy it), fair play, ethics, honesty and transparency. For the past year, Jupiter’s

girls with hands up near ocean


been hunkered down in internal, probing Scorpio. We’ve had a lot of time to think about the change we want to see—be!—in the world. This week, when the fearless idealist blazes into Jupiter, we can resume the “great experiment of democracy” (Toqueville; google it) and stop demonizing the defenseless. There’s a far better way to make America great than by trying to make others weak. And Jupiter in Sagittarius, the great teacher, will lead the charge.
Speaking of education, as the nodes move into Cancer and Capricorn, I have a special opportunity to thank two of my greatest teachers, Cancer Dianne Arnold and Capricorn Carrie Asnien. They taught me more, on so many levels, than I could ever give back, and my gratitude is bottomless. Also, Cancer Deborah Quilter deserves a shout-out: She asked (and I paraphrase), “WTF?!” Which gave birth to this newsletter. How appropriate for the incoming Cancer nodal energy!
Call to action: Sure, ping me for a personal reading and to talk about how “all this” affects you on a personal level. And check out my website for additional services. But most important, just get out and VOTE WITH YOUR HEART!

Suzanne Gerber