Heavenly Happenings, January 2019 edition


Dear Fellow Cosmonauts,

The year’s not even 100 hours old, and already massive changes are speeding down the pike. And we’re not even talking about the Beltway around that little district called Washington! 

This weekend’s skies feature not one but two major astrological—and astronomical—events, whose cumulative effects will be somewhere between noticeable and “Holy Mother of God!” depending where they land in your chart and what they stir up. (Also on how much therapy you’ve had.)

On Saturday, January 5, at 8:28 pm ET, the year’s first new moon lands in Capricorn, and it’s also the first eclipse of 2019 (a partial solar eclipse). Eclipses tend to occur in pairs—with the new and full moon every six months—and they have this funny way of bringing hidden information to light; of shifting the energy patterns to help you initiate or complete projects or processes you might in the middle of.

This is the first eclipse to fall in Capricorn since 2011 (remember that year; it’s going to come up again in a minute). If you can recall that far back, it might be interesting to reflect on some key events that were going in your life then: successes, challenges, big ideas that were brewing. Capricorn energy is about setting goals then doggedly pursuing them, not letting snow nor heat nor gloom of politics stay you from your appointed rounds. Capricorn is slow, steady, solid, structured and stalwart, and it generously puts those same qualities on loan to you during this lunation and over the coming six months.

On Sunday, January 6, at 3:27 pm ET—and not a nanosecond too soon—the cosmic wrench thrower, Uranus, ends a five-month retrograde (backspin) in Aries and resumes forward motion. This is the tail end of the “side-spinning” planet’s trek through Aries, which began in March 2011 (there it is!). Unpredictable Uranus is comfortable in Aries because, as a fire sign, it’s also about action, excitement, experimentation, invention. Uranus is going to shift into slower-moving and comfort- and security-seeking Taurus on March 6. We got a sneak preview of what might go down last year (May-November), before Uranus backflipped into Aries for this last hurrah. If you’ve been waiting for a “sign” or motivation to kick something into high gear and give it one huge final push, this might be it. As Mel Robbins teaches with her 5-second rule, sometimes you’ve just gotta hold your nose and jump. Like, now!

Two weeks after the Capricorn new moon eclipse, early on January 21, comes the full moon/lunar eclipse in Leo. This brings another opportunity to turbocharge some of your resolutions, especially those involving creativity, love and passion. Again, depending where this falls in your chart, it will indicate a lot more about what’s coming your way for the next half-year. But in general, eclipses are cosmic pushes to keep at something if it feels right and important, or to cease and desist if you’re getting a migraine from banging your head against the wall.

As usual, there’s all sort of exciting planetary action ahead, including the once-a-year merger of the Sun (ego) and Pluto (shadow, power, sexuality) in Capricorn on January 11. For some folks, this could bring a major pivotal moment. I invite you to jot these dates in your calendar and note what happens for you. When I read for someone, I always ask them to have their calendar handy so we can review how these big transits personally affected them. It’s a fun (if that’s the word) practice so you can track how this all affects you. And of course, I’m always here to be your personal Sherpa: Readings, energy healing and spiritually oriented life coaching on demand!

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See you in the funny papers!

Suzanne Gerber